Tour of Paljakka - Tales of Finns and Finnish forest using different senses and making observations - with love

Spirit of the forest whispers in the treetops of flat-topped pines, you do belong to  the bears or the moose's clan? On the tour of Paljakka, in the Himos highlands,  stories of the Finns relation to forest through all ages beginning from the ices  melting 10 000 years ago to modern use of wood from the peoples perspective. At  the same time we learn together to notice different natures forms watching the routes surroundings: why did a swamp form there, why this old pine is so short and crooked and it's fallen in love with that birch, why doesn't our ground tremble and many more things to notice and tales to hear.

The tour fits for people of all ages and fitnesses, the route is easy to travel.


The hike lasts for 2-3 hours and price starts at 180 € for the minimum group of four. If there are more than four people the price is 35 € for each person over the four first.


The product includes wilderness guides services and 10% VAT. For 10 € more for each person you get lunch which includes campfire coffee and tea, a sandwich and a sausage.


The customer is to have their own hiking clothes and shoes which fit the weather. The hike starts from Himos Center with the customers own cars to behind West-Himos near Kivijärvi, where the real hike starts.


The product can be combined with other services from Eräopaspalvelu Talvi such as delicious meals by fireplace or walking poles. Ask away!

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